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Commitment to Care

  • We want to hear a client’s opinions and ideas regarding their home or office.
  • We want to know their goals and expectations for their landscape.
  • We carry their lifestyle into their landscape, i.e., a traditional home and lifestyle usually desire a traditional landscape; a contemporary home and lifestyle usually desire a contemporary landscape, etc.
  • We ask clients about their desire to spend time in the landscape, and design a plan, again, based on their lifestyle. Many people want a low maintenance landscape. Some people are more "hands on" and want a landscape they can work/play in.
  • We provide a personal walk through of the landscape after is has been installed and we explain watering to the client.

Landscape Design and Build

What is it? Any design and/or planting project from a complete design for new construction to partial or full rejuvenation of an existing landscape.


Design and construction of paver’s driveways, patios, walkways, construction of stone walls, pergolas, trellises, etc.

Night Lighting

Custom-designed illumination plans and installations for landscape enhancement and added security.


Water Features
What is it? Ponds, waterfalls, fountains including pools and spas constructed in conjunction with a total landscape design.

Outdoor Rooms
Casual cooking areas or complete outdoor kitchens, custom seating areas, fire pits; anything that brings the family outdoors and makes entertaining not only a departure from the norm but an absolute delight.