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Asset Addition is a professional asset management company with core competence in real estate, fund management, total property management and art, which is based in Bangalore, India. The company is managed by Technical and Management graduates with in-depth knowledge in all aspects of Sale & Purchase of any form of asset.

At Asset Addition, we strive for continuous improvement for new and better ways of helping our clients in achieving their short and long term aspirations. Professionalism, integrity, deep knowledge, exemplary service and commitment are our strengths.

The planning process involves

  • Meetings with each client which are both personal and confidential
  • Determination of the client's objectives, concerns, and needs
  • Identification and prioritization of those objectives, concerns and needs
  • Development of an overall strategy based upon the designated objectives, concerns and needs, as well as current and contemplated economic conditions.


The strategy is based on:

  • A long term approach to asset allocation
  • Spreading of financial assets among various investment classes
  • Steady capital growth and overall safety of investment capital.

Whether you are seeking that special dream home, flagship office, development site, a second residence or a commercial property with rental returns either in Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, other major metros or 2-Tier cities, anywhere in India, look no further.